The DuPont Nature Center

DuPont Nature Center

The DuPont Nature Center serves as a science-based educational facility for schools, research and ecotourism. Interpret Green designed and produced all of the multimedia in the Center including 9 interactive nature stations. These multimedia programs allow visitors to explore the unique wildlife and habitant of the Delaware Estuary Region. Subjects include the protection of crucial feeding areas and nesting habitats for the tens of thousands of migratory birds that visit the area each season. Prominent displays are dedicated to the horseshoe crab - its anatomy, biomedical uses and importance to the local fishermen.

A showcase of the exhibits is an innovative NatureCam developed by Interpret Green that is installed in a very ecological sensitive area ½ mile from the Center along the shoreline. The NatureCam gives visitors the opportunity for unique, real-time wildlife observation in these restricted habitats. The visitors observe wildlife via full motion color video that is transmitted by a wireless digital link between the Camera System and the Center. The entire remote camera system is solar powered and completely weatherized. Using the joystick on the interactive educational kiosk, visitors can remotely control all the pan-tilt-zoom camera functions. The imagery and audio from the NatureCam is displayed on both the interactive kiosk and a 42” high definition plasma screen.