Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center

Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center

The Fairmount Water Works — a national historic landmark— recently re-opened in Philadelphia in 2004. Within it lies the Interpretive Center, a unique public education center that tells the “unseen” story of water and its vital role in the city of Philadelphia. This powerful theme runs throughout the center’s presentations, in a range of media including film, interactive, and physical displays.

Through its many exhibits, the Interpretive Center offers young and old visitors alike an array of fascinating lessons in history, natural science, engineering, biology, ecology and conservation, and local watershed stewardship.

Steve Feldman Design provided the exhibit design and project leadership for this project. The Interpret Green team designed, developed, and installed 10 interactive exhibits, 2 audio exhibits and a 16-minute film exploring the history of the Fairmount Water Works. The interactive exhibits are built on an innovative technology platform supporting remote monitoring and management. The system allows for regular content additions and updates to ensure that the exhibits remain current.

Interpret Green provides operational support and content management for the dynamic exhibits as well as manages FWWIC’s website and eNewsletter.

Visit www.FairmountWaterworks.org.

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