Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route

Interactive Kiosks, Cell Phone Interpretion, Website Information Commons And Video Documentary Production

Washington Rochambeau

The National Park Service has engaged Interpret Green for an on-going project to design and implement innovative strategies to interpret the W3R - the 620 mile historic route taken by the Colonial and French armies from Newport RI to Yorktown VA that culminated in the defeat of the British and victory of the Revolutionary War. This challenging project includes a variety of traditional and innovative media strategies to deliver wayfinding, educational and inspirational insight. This remarkable and complex story extends over 9 different states with some 200 locations that must be connected into a continuous narrative experience. The multiple venues include both indoor and outdoor sites. This integrated program includes:

  • Interactive, multimedia touch screen kiosks
  • Soundtrail educational programs delivered to cell phones
  • Information Commons master information database and archive
  • Cinematic multimedia website