SunEdison: City Tour for Solar

Mobile Exhibit and Website

Sun Edison

The City Tour for Solar was a mobile sustainable educational exhibit that traveled across 50 cities in 100 days in the summer of 2008. This innovative and unique traveling program engaged visitors via a full complement of interpretive programs including a high definition video presentation, multimedia education games, interactive exhibits providing real-time information about sustainable potential in their local communities, fully operational solar electric system and graphic panels that illustrate the actions visitors can take to advocate for reducing their carbon footprint and reducing their costs for energy.

Interpret Green designed, produced, installed and supported the operations of the City Tour for Solar throughout its tour. This production included developing the City Tour for Solar website plus editing and integrating web content of photos, journals and over 70 video Blogs during the tour. The mobile system and exhibits were designed so that the entire system could be disassemble and stored for easy travel from city to city.